Bylaws & Policies

DISCLAIMER: Please note that bylaws are subject to amendment and the following bylaws are provided online for information or research purposes only. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the bylaws posted on this web site; however, these are not official versions of the City of Greenwood bylaws and these documents are not admissible in a court of law. Official certified copies can be obtained from the Corporate Services Department.

Bylaws & Policies
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Bylaw 696 OCP Amendment

Credit Card Payment Service Fee Bylaw No. 909, 2016

Bylaw 793 OCP Amendment

Bylaw 787 Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Bylaw 682 Official Community Plan

Bylaw 848 Water Regulation Amending

Bylaw 812 Road Upgrades

Bylaw 794 Amendment Light Industrial Zone

Bylaw 793 OCP Amendment Light Industrial Zone 2006

Bylaw 811 Multi Family Rezoning

Bylaw 825(a) Schedule A, Cemetery Schedule of Fees 2009

Bylaw 825(a) Cemetery 2009

Bylaw 825 2009 Schedule B Internment Rights Contract

Bylaw 828 Tax Exemption Properties 2010

2017 and 2018 Tax Exemption Bylaw No 908, 2016

Bylaw 846 2010 Sewer Rates & Reg Amend

Bylaw 807 Indemnification

Bylaw 799 Council Remuneration

Community Forest Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw no. 902, 2016

Bylaw 886 Water Rates and Regulation Amendment

Bylaw 887 Sewer Rates and Regulation Amendment

Bylaw 888 Garbage Collection Regulation Amendment

Anti-Bullying Policy #2640-20

Social Media Policy 1470-20

Ball Park Concession Stand Policy 8020-20

Bylaw 888(a) A bylaw respencting the Financial Plan for the years 2015 to 2019

Bylaw 890 A Bylaw to Control Unsightly Premises

Bylaw 891 Business Licence Bylaw

Bylaw 895 to amend Water Rates and Regulation for the City of Greenwood

Bylaw 896, 2016 Revenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw

Bylaw 897 Slag Royalty Reserve Fund Establishment

Bylaw 898 Slag Reclamation Reserve Fund Establishment Bylaw

Bylaw 900 Gas Tax Reserve Fund

Bylaw 901 Water Infrastructure Reserve Fund

Bylaw 903 Board of Variance

Bylaw 906 A bylaw for the levying of rates for Municipal, Hospital and Regional District purposes for the year 2016

A bylaw respecting the Financial Plan for the years 2016 - 2020

Bylaw 469 Noise

Bylaw 583 Business License Bylaw

Bylaw 683 Zoning Bylaw

Bylaw 686 OCP Amendment

Bylaw 687 Water Regulation

Bylaw 697 Zoning Bylaw Ammendment

Bylaw 707 Bylaw to Implement Build. Regs.

Bylaw 711 Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Bylaw 762 Building Amendment

Bylaw 772 Garbage Collections

Bylaw 782 Unsightly Premises

Bylaw 785 Building Bylaw Amendment

Bylaw 786 OCP Amendment

Bylaw 787 Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Bylaw 803 Garbage Collection 2007

Bylaw 806 Road Upgrade Loan Authorization Bylaw

Bylaw 823 OCP Amendment

Bylaw 824 Zoning Amendment

Bylaw 824 Zoning Bylaw Amendment

Bylaw 825a Schedule C Interment Permit

Bylaw 825a Schedule D Disinterment Permit

Bylaw 825a E Cemetary Authorized Approval Form 2009

Bylaw 825 Schedule F Memorial Permit

Bylaw 827 2009 Roadwork Parcel Tax

Bylaw 834 2010 Council Procedure Amend

Bylaw 843 Tax Exemption 2011-2012

Bylaw 844 Diane Barbara Colin Memorial

Bylaw 845 2010 Water Rates Amend

Bylaw 847 Sewer Regulation Amending

Bylaw 852 2011 Tax Rates

Bylaw 853 Revised 2011 Council Remuneration and to Indemnity

Bylaw No 882 Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw

Bylaw No. 884 2015 and 2016 Tax Exemption

Bylaw No. 885 Revenue Anticipation Borrowing Bylaw

2016 and 20017 Tax Exemption Bylaw No. 893, 2015

Bylaw 894 to amend the Sewer Rates and Regulation 2015

Bylaw 1081 Dog Bylaw-RDKB

The stain glass windows
in the gallery depict the
7 provinces at that time.

Original bell from the
first Greenwood Fire

'Hells Bells' melting pots
from BC Copper Co. c. 1899

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